GGGF: Week #4 Recap – Finding Motivation

I am a little late writing about last week’s recap for the Go Green, Get Fit Challenge. Honestly, I wasn’t very active last week. My knees were pretty much feeling great again by mid-week, but I just couldn’t find the motivation to get out and get moving. The husband is finishing up his last week of heavy duty studying before the big bar exam next week, so I’ve been pulling quite a few of the parenting duties lately leaving me not a lot of time to hit the streets or gym.

This week’s allergy scare with Monkey got the week off to a slow start, but I’ve got some new-founded energy after creating myself a new dietary plan! I’m excited about this diet change…not only do I think it will be healthier for me in the long run, but I have a feeling it will give me more energy to get my butt back on track. I went grocery shopping tonight and stocked the fridge with some great goodies! Lots of smoothie makings and ancient grains like quinoa.  I’m looking for ways to get myself motivated to start moving again, though – it’s a bummer because I had SO much motivation those first couple of weeks. How do YOU stay motivated when you’re in a slump? What time is your favorite time of day to workout? Morning? Night?

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